Yes, I need a Cheer Squad!

What's the Cheer Squad?

The Cheer Squad is an online community for people undergoing the menopausal transition, and those who care about them. We aim to empower our community with information, resources and support during perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

What will I find in this Community?

Our expert contributors will post educational material about the menopausal transition along with practical exercise, dietary and lifestyle advice

The Cheer Squad community also aims to connect women with resources and support to implement sustainable lifestyle changes... and connect them with each other!


"No-one needs to feel alone through the menopausal transition; let us introduce you to a sisterhood that shares and supports one another through their lived experiences."

-Dr Kelly Teagle


Who are these "Expert Contributors"?

This unique community will be moderated by WellFemme Founder and menopause expert, Dr Kelly Teagle. Dr Kelly's extensive network of experienced, knowledgeable menopause practitioners and coaches can deliver the best possible information and advice through regular posts and livestreams.

What's in it for me?

As a Foundation Member of The Cheer Squad you'll get to help shape the content and direction of the Community. You'll enjoy free access to exclusive content which would normally require a subscription to access.

Best of all, Dr Kelly is busy working on an amazing new healthy living course with discounted early access for Community members!

Why do I need this?

Menopause presents you with powerful opportunities to make small, sustainable changes which will hugely improve your health and wellbeing in the decades that follow.

The Cheer Squad can empower you with information, resources and support to identify and take advantage of  these opportunities.

How do I join the Cheer Squad?

Click on the red button below to register your details and we'll add you to the waitlist. Once our waitlist quota is filled the Cheer Squad Community will be ready to launch; we anticipate this to be early 2023... just in time to set you on the right path to better health in the New Year.

Our vision? Healthy happy women... for longer.

Let's get you ready for your Next Phase!

Yes, give me a hand please


Dr Kelly Teagle is a GP in Canberra specialising in Women’s health. She's been a Medical Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, worked in family planning and menopause clinics, assisted in surgeries and been a GP for almost 15 years.

Kelly is the Founder and Principal clinician of WellFemme Telehealth Menopause Clinic. She is also a GP educator, women’s health speaker, writes blog articles and appears regularly in the media.